Shot Blasting

  Shot blasting is a cost effective and environmentally friendly method for preparing concrete, steel, and asphalt surfaces.  It leaves the surface ready for

the application of coatings or overlays, dispensing with the need for drying time

and expensive disposal procedures needed with other surface prep methods.

Cutting Edge operates walk behind and ride on shot blasters (electric and fuel

powered) to prep your flooring needs, no matter the size of the project!

*CONCRETE: Remove dirt, oil, and old markings or clean your concrete substrate

for new markings or overlays for roadways, bridges, airport runways, warehouse

and factory floors and much more!

*ASPHALT: Remove residue, surface contamination, and tire residue from

asphalt surfaces.  Prepping an asphalt substrate by shot blasting improves micro

and macro textures, and skid resistance.

*STEEL: Shot blasting is the solution to remove rust, non-skid coatings, paint,

and marine growth from metal and steel surfaces such as petroleum and water storage tanks, aircraft carriers, ships, and more!